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In the 70's, our family business began to develop a number of skin and hair care products for hairdressing salons and also for people who had psoriasis and other skin problems.

We had Afghan dogs and Sitters but also Persian cat with extremely demanding coats. With the experience we had from manufacturing hair and skin care products for people with skin and hair problems, we were able to produce caring products for our own pets. It resulted in outstandingly lightly brushed and healthy coats without a hint of itching. We also let other animal owners with a variety of breeds of both dogs and cats participate in the testing and their statements have also been the basis for the creation of our successful products.


In the 90's, the development was complete and we launched our successful and popular product series called PCL for dogs and cats. Since then, PCL has been in great demand throughout Scandinavia and is still very popular.


In 2007, we launched our "Top Of The Line" product range K9 Competition, with a completely new content that has taken fur care to a whole new level worldwide. Exhibitors, handlers, breeders and professional groomers / dog trim have become major users of the K9 Competition.


Today, dogs and cats all over the world are groomed in K9 and at WDS and other exhibitions there are many winning dogs that are praised for the quality of the fur when they used K9's products. Our success created a demand for quality products for horses, as there were no good products for them. In early 2011, we sent samples to horse breeders and trainers in Sweden and the US, the products received exceptionally good feedback. When a highly respected and successful Arabian horse trainer and breeder in Arizona tested the products, he said that he had used all the famous brands but that K9 had the best products he ever tried and then we were sure we would launch our K9 HORSE product line.


Today, there are many stables and riders in the world elite who understand the importance of good skin, fur care, and appearance, therefore they use K9 HORSE.

We continue to develop new quality products for us and our animal welfare. We only use the best quality of our ingredients in the K9 series. The active substances are 100% Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamin, Keratin, and Silk Protein as well as natural ingredients. Everything is made in Sweden.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our products.

distributor opportunities available.


Kind Regards

Christer Johansson

K9 Competition AB

K9 Horse Sweden erbjuder unik pälsvård för hästar. Vi har även andra tillbehör och produkter så som schampoo och balsam.

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