aloe-shampoo-webTrusted by breeders and trainers, this everyday shampoo delivers show standard results every time. This natural and mild shampoo has a calming effect on sensitive skin. It’s active ingredients – Aloe Vera, D-Panthenol and wheat protein – provide optimal moisture balance and coat quality, repairing dry damaged hair and creating a healthy, shiny coat. This balanced formula is quick drying, economical and helps to make equine care easy. For prime, show standard results use K9 Competition Horse Conditioner.

• Coat optimizing!
• Mild & Economical!
• Timesaving!

Instructions: Use as it is or dilute up to 1-20.
For oily coats; use a warm water rinse.
For normal to dry coats; use colder water.
Repeat once for optimal result.

Contents: Agua, Mg laurylsulphate, cocobetaine, certified aloe vera, cocoamphodin, D-panthenol, wheat protein, fragrance and preservative.

300 ml / 10.14 oz
2,7 l / 0,71 gal
5,7 l / 1,5 gal

pH 5.5