ECO POWER WASH is an odor removal natural detergent for sportswear, artificial fibers, horse covers, blankets, dog beds, bags, etc. Excellent for sensitive skin. Eliminates bad odor “fiber-deep” and provides clean and fresh clothes by effectively breaking down the odor molecules. Excellent for all clothes. No need for rinse aid.

Washing temperature: 30°–60° and 30° hand wash. Dosage 0.5 dl/wash. Works on all materials, including wool. Can also be used in saltwater.

Specifications: BIOLOGICAL EASY BREAKDOWN / NATURAL, PHOSPHATE-FREE. Plastic bottle recyclable plastic (PE)

INCI: Nonionic surfactants 15–30%, complexing agent <3%, perfume <0.2%, <0.1%, preservative: Methylchloroisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone.