We got a message from our young sponsor rider in Sweden Rosie Blomqvist about our products:

“I have received a lot of questions about the quality of the K9 products throughout the previous season and promised to share my experience of the products following this season.

We have been using the K9 products for an entire competition season and now it is coming to an end, I can now try to answer some of these questions that I had been asked. Personally, I feel much more comfortable riding when all of the equipment is in place and secure; you don’t want the equipment to slide if you are in the position shown in the picture!
Before using the K9 range, I never used to spray the area on top of my horses back as it used to cause it to slide. I also never sprayed the long mains because the rains would become very slippery and so would your hands and then anything you touched! Today, I spray my horse down without a problem using the K9 range. I have received so much praise this year on how well groomed my horses have been. My little pony Nellie even got called out in the speakers for being so well groomed during an exhibition.

I have been running around with a bottle of nano spray erasing green stains on white grey horses during competitions and trainings, the result is magnificent! I know exactly what products to use now when I have a white grey horse.

Another problem that I commonly came across was that if I sprayed my horse prior to riding at a dusty riding school, the horses would absorb the dust. I don’t have that problem anymore since I can just brush it of easily when I’ve been using the nano spray. I am so happy that I’ve had the chance to try out k9’s products this years! It really has been a blessing! Check out Producer K9 HORSE Sweden for more grooming inspiration!”