NEW PRODUCT: SMELL OFF! No more smelling helmets! Odor remover and cleaning spray that quickly and effectively removes, neutralizes and absorbs unwanted smells from riding helmets, gloves, boots, saddle box, […]

Dag Albert knows…

Dag Albert is one of Sweden’s most prestigious event riders. Dag Albert is living in UK and has participated several times in the prestige Badmington and Brughleys. He also represent […]

Jonna Eriksson knows…

I know … … that if my horse shall be able to perform 100%, coat and skin need to be healthy, clean and without itching. I also know that it […]

Anders Grane: “Thanks K9 Horse…”

Two weeks have passed since I got to try K9 Horse products for the first time! I would like to thank Christer Johansson and his brother Per-Erik for this remarkable […]

My horse and I love K9 Horse!

Paulina Althin: As an owner of a white dressage horse who loves dirt and mud I’ve tried many different kinds of shampoo and conditioners in desperate tries to keep her […]

Me and my horse share Nano Spray

Jenny Pitkänen: I have tested K9 products now for a few weeks time and must say that I am really both impressed and satisfied!As professional groomer and horse owner for […]

K9:ed Gypsy Horse National Champion

Christer Johansson: Gyspy horse bathed and groomed in K9 Competition Horse grooming products. Erica (Polly Swanson’s) daughter owns this horse. Was reserve national champion in Dallas. Beautiful mare!


Thank you for your contributions to September Months Photo Contest @ K9 HORSE on facebook! This month we only got two pictures, but two good ones – so we decieded […]